The Law Firm with Tech Company DNA.

Navigating the complex legal world of blockchain, Web3, crypto and NFTs. 

Regulatory Compliance

Intellectual Property (IP)

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The law firm with tech company DNA.

What makes us different?

Like you, we love to push the limits of technology and innovation. We're here to help you build! Emerging technologies will improve the world we live in - let us be part of it. Aside from being legal professionals, our team members are crypto investors, NFT collectors, and project creators. We understand you.

Are you launching an NFT or other token project?

Make sure you start off on the right foot:

  1. Establish a legal business entity.

  2. Make sure you comply with laws and regulations (SEC, IRS, FTC... the list goes on).

  3. Use contracts with your artists, devs, and other team members.

  4. Post a well written "Terms of Use" to your website so that your company is protected. 

Properly acquire and convey intellectual property (IP) rights.

- Be sure to use a contract properly acquire IP rights from the artist.

- Create a license to allow your community to use their NFTs for commercial purposes. 

Building a complex marketplace or platform? 

Be prepared for future regulation. We'll work with you to develop a proactive legal strategy to safely operate in the "gray" areas of technology and commerce.


Things happen. We can help you inside of the courtroom.

Business is a full-contact sport. Be prepared with a legal team who has experience presenting your case to a judge or jury.

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